Unable to fetch Hive Metastore data- Using Cloudera VM

I am not able to access Hive tables or databases.

During the Spark-shell startup I get thie following message

ARN metastore.ObjectStore: Version information not found in metastore. hive.metastore.schema.verification is not enabled so recording the schema version 1.1.0
17/03/26 03:09:36 WARN metastore.ObjectStore: Failed to get database default, returning NoSuchObjectException

facing same issue please anybody solve this issue please help on this

Same issue !! Don’t know what to do change with hive-site.xml

you should copy the hive-site.conf file into /user/lib/spark/conf from /user/lib/hive/conf it will work i have faced the same in cloudera quick start vm if you copy that .conf file hive metastore available in spark sql

Don’t forget to restart the shell after copying the hive-site.xml file into spark/conf…