Unable to find src/main/java & resouces folder after installing Intellij

Downloaded IntelliJ (community edition) on my machine and its working fine, however I didn’t see the src/main/java folder. when I try to create new project i am selecting scala -> SBT -> there i am not seeing auto-import option. Could anyone please help me to lo find src/main/java (as well as resources folder)… Thanks.

There will be scala folder if you are selecting SBT --> Scala. No Java folder will be there.

Please find the screen shot below.

You will only see src/main/scala. You need to create others if necessary.

In the latest version of intellij, you will see auto-import option when you update build.sbt.


Thank you. Watching the Intellij IDE set up video,assumed we will have Java folder by default.
Appreciate your quick response.