Unable to get Password

Hi yesterday i got access for itversity labs.I have created username ,but i dont know the password.i dont know the password.pls help me i have signup and signin by using my gmail id. when clicking password button it is moving to some other page and again asking username and password.i just dont understand your site how it is working.wikthout creating password how can i logged in pls solve this issue as soon as possible.


Hi @Vishal_Sadana,

There is no issue with the labs, After logging into the labs

you should be able to see the credentials as shown in the above picture, By Clicking on the console button you will be automatically redirected to the assigned gateway (jupyterhub).

Click on the username button to copy, and paste it in the jupyterhub login page.
Similarly, click on the password and paste it in the jupyterhub login page. and click on login to enter the labs.

how do you navigate to see these lab credentials? I’ve logged in and I do not see it. Or my itversity takes me directly to jupyter hub login where the username and password don’t work but no option to change them.

@Alayna_Johnston You can get the lab details from here https://labs.itversity.com/user/profile/lab_details

Click on the gateway link on the page and it will auto login and enter into Jupiter lab.