Unable to Load in Hive from psv file

I am not able to load .csv file into HIve table
but getting below error.

Failed with exception Unable to move source file:/tmp/categories01.psv to destination hdfs://quickstart.cloudera:8020/user/hive/warehouse/categories/categories01.psv
FAILED: Execution Error, return code 1 from org.apache.hadoop.hive.ql.exec.MoveTask

I trying to change the permission of hive table but that didnot work either.
Also try to import above package but no joy.

Any help is appreciated.I am facing this problem in video 79 of playlist

What is the command you are using?

Hi Sir,
I am trying with below command.

load data local path ‘tmp/categories01.csv’ overwrite into table categories;

Hi Today,
I try again with same set command and it work fine…It looks to me that service not up earlier.But still NOT able to figure out the exact root cause.Any suggestion what I was missing.

Path was incorrect. It is supposed to be ‘/tmp/categories01.csv’, but earlier you have typo (/ is missing)