Unable to login labs using putty or console


I am unable to access lab using putty or console since last 12 hours.

Getting the below error in console:
– rsxxxxxxx: no shell: Resource temporarily unavailable

And in putty, getting the following error:
Server refused to start a shell/command

Please let me know when the issue will be resolved. This is the second time I am facing this issue since past week.
Please let me know once the issue is resolved.


@rss161030 Issue has resolved. Now you can login from putty or console as well. Make shure end all running your process before ending the lab otherwise it makes you similar problem in future. Mark solved if you are out of issue.

Thank you. The issue is resolved now.

I did not get you when you are suggesting me to end all running processes. Do you want me to kill jobs manually or what exactly should I do so that the problem is not repeated again ?