Unable to login to ambari

This is to track the issues with respect to login to ambari.

Please reply with the screenshot.


After payment i was able to use console terminal but unable to login to AMBARI because it says Unable to sign in. Invalid username/password combination. Im using the same credentials what i have used for logging into lab. still its not working.

Thank You

What is your lab id? Can you share screenshot?

Hi Team,

I am not able to login to Ambari after creating the account. Below is the screenshot of the error.

It is fixed now. Let us know if you run into any issues.

Hi Team,

I am unable to login to Ambari.

Getting Error : Unable to sign in. Invalid username/password combination.

UserId: akhilcet307

Please resolve the issue.


You can connect now. Issue is resolved. If still facing any issue send a screen shot.

I’m not able to login into ambari. getting the below error

Unable to connect to Ambari Server. Confirm Ambari Server is running and you can reach Ambari Server from this machine.

username: selectstarfrom

Please help me to resolve this error

it is working now… thx

i also cant log in to ambari please help.

I think, the ambari server might not be up. Yesterday I got the error ‘Unable to connect to Ambari Server’.
I just raised issue here yesterday itself… Today, it got resolved.
If you are getting the same error, wait for sometime, they may restart the server for you. Hopefully.
Or if it is username/password mismatch, probably you have to reset the same.


I am able to login to Console but not Ambari. My user id : essprabhu
Please take a look.

Below is the screen shot:

@essprabhu I am able to login. Try again to connect.

Thanks. I am able to login now.