Unable to login!

I just enrolled for big data labs.
I am unable to login to console … tried the copy password button and also, tried to type the password manually.

User id - nehaluthra09.

Please help. Thanks!

@Neha Where you are getting problem. Share screenshot to understand your problem. Here I am able to login with your credentials. Are you using web console or any ssh client like Putty or cygwin.
if putty or cygwin use
Host name : gw01.itversity.com
port : 22
Credentials : Get from here

Mark as solved if you are out of issue.

There is no issues with your account. Probably either you are not pasting it properly or using IE.
This works only in Chrome and Firefox.

Also try using Putty or Mobaxterm or Cygwin on Windows.

I am using Chrome. By any chance, could you please reset the password and e-mail it to me? Thanks!

@Neha You can access big data labs with your default username and password in web console or get from here . use shift + Insert to paste username and password.And you can also use Putty or cygwin to connect labs.Here are instructions to connect from putty and cygwin.
Host name : gw01.itversity.com
Port: 22
Username and password from here.
Please refer this discussion also.
I am unable to connect using putty

It worked now. Thanks!