Unable to ping and unable to fine Flume location


I am not able to ping to localhost neither to gw01.itversity.com.

And also can you pleas let me know the flume location where I can fine the conf file?

That is fine if ping does not work. Flume configuration file examples are available under “Flume user guide” - just google it.


Wanted to know the flume and its conf file location in Itversity labs so that I can see the agent and sink names.

@Seetham_Allu if you are looking for the sample flume configuration files then here you go https://bitbucket.org/email2dgk/demo_cca175/src/ae5d01d2573a5266ca17c5940c46e09bf54d95e1/01%20data_ingest/flume/?at=master

Well, check out the flume user guide for the source, channel and sink types.

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