Unable to see uploaded file

I have uploaded around 400MB file in Ambari after creating a folder under /user/sparklearner/DataFolder/

I dont see that path itself in console. Can u plz clarify??

Which command you used to see the files list

ls -lrt /user/sparklearner/DataFolder/

you need to use hdfs dfs -ls /user/sparklearner/DataFolder/ to check files in HDFS

thank you so much…
I dont find any file under this file…even in ambari I am not able to see the file…started uploading again…thanks once again.

at the end of upload, I am seeing one err msg:

failed to upload datasets.tar.gz to /home/sparklearner/DataFolder
un-authorized connection to super-user: root from IP

can anyone plz respond asap…I am not able to upload even a small file (of small size like 10MB).

its bit urgent for me.

you need to change proxy users list like below in core-site file, to fix this

hadoop.proxyuser.root.groups=* hadoop.proxyuser.root.hosts=*

what is the location of the file?

It will be under HDFS–>Config–>Advanced

found one “Custom core-site” where:
proxyuser.root.hosts= gw01.itversity.com

I am not able to edit it.

Then may be @itversity @viswanath.raju will help you

highly appreciable if anyone can look into it asap.

I am still waiting for the update…can anyone plz look into it?

I am frustrated as no one repsonding. :frowning:

I was able to upload a test file and no issues. Please try again.

Looks like Ambari has permission issues. Instead of uploading it from Ambari, please try to upload it your local file system and then to your hdfs file system.

Are you trying to copy to /home/sparklearner in HDFS or /user/sparklearner?


for the time being…copying it to local file system and from there to hdfs.

I tested via Ambari logging in as sparklearner and it work fine.