Upgrading bigdata labs

Please use this topic for all the payment and technical challenges for coming 15 days.

We have kick started upgrade of big data labs. Here are the details.

  • We will be accepting payments via paypal
  • Preview to test payments will be launched with 2.99 USD for 15 days
  • Regular plans
  • 14.95 USD for 31 days
  • 34.95 USD for 93 days
  • 54.95 USD for 185 days
  • Payments can be made through bigdata-labs.com once the upgrade is done
  • As of now the lab is built using 7 nodes approximately 4 TB capacity
  • All the data is backed up and will be restored for paid subscribers (on request).
  • SSL certificate will be added
  • Facebook, LinkedIN, Google+ as well as local login are enabled

01/02/2017 10:00 IST - mahesh mogal is the first customer who is able to make the payment. He will get access to the lab for 93 days. Thank you, Mahesh.
01/02/2017 12:10 IST - @jayantm1988 is seeing the blank page after making the payment. @Vinay
01/02/2017 12:10 IST - @mohitkumar have reported informational bug in plans tab. @Vinay
01/02/2017 12:39 IST - Courses are missing in Learn menu. @Vinay

how to make payments ?

When will the http://www.bigdata-labs.com/#/signin will be back online again. Looks like now the site is down for upgrade.



I have made the payment and tried to login to the bigdata-labs. I am seeing only white screen.

Please do the needful.

not able to login to Paypal. its routing to https://www.sandbox.paypal.com it should be paypal right ?

You can try paying now. It is working.

There are some issues, we will get it up and running in a day or 2.

Getting error 502 bad gateway for payment.

Yes, it will be fixed today.

mahesh mogal is the first customer who is able to make the payment. He will get access to the lab for 93 days.

Thank you, Mahesh.

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Made payment but not able to open web console.
After click on open console only white screen is coming, tried to upload screenshots also, but could not
Please do needful.

Hi Durga Sir,

Kindly change the plan details as mentioned in the website:

For Monthly you are charging 14.95$. Below 14.95$ you have written for 93 days :wink:
For Quaterly, it is alright …

Thanks and Regards,

Thank you, we will take care of it.

@Vinay, please have a look at it. Payment went through successfully.

@Vinay, courses are not visible under Learn menu. Please take care of it.

@itversity I am unable to open console, its getting redirected to home screen

I clicked on subscribe twice that may be the issue. PFA

i did a payment,but username created is prabhaa010 but earlier name was prabha010.Please restore all data this new name or change the name to old user name

Now am able to open web console , but after click on user or key icon which are located on right side , it’s showing alert
"Error retrieving lab credentials …" .

It is being fixed. Try after 10 minutes.

New user id that you created is praabha010. Copy is done.