Using labs at itversity

Hi, I am planning to register for the lab, what are the prerequisites to use the lab.

And another doubt i that ,If I pay from US and can i use the lab from India/other country also.

@Ravi_Reddy - There is NO prerequisites. As long as you have internet connection you can access it from any where.

So, if we enroll into this labs what all can we do ?.. For example can we access the labs from a private network like company(office) VPN and practice the hadoop related assignments?.. or do we need to have a linux installed in my local machine in order to ssh to your labs?.. Would be helpful if you can give a gist about what all we can do on this labs.

@naveen_pa Please go through this video. And let us know any dout’s and issues further. Happy Learning

after register for the lab.we can practice Hadoop on both Cloudera and Hortonworks or we have to chose only one environment.