What are the things I should take care of while giving certification

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I have booked the slot for certification on 30-Dec.

What are the things I should keep in mind?

What version of Hive is available in examination cluster?Because for Hive versions lower than 0.14, while creating table in avro format we need to provide serDe details.Do I need to remember all those details for row format serDe,Inputformat and ooutput format? or is it fine if I just give stored as avro?

@vishwanath - You will get below documentation during the exam

You need to provide stored as avro, location (if the table is external) and tblproperties, rest of them not required.

stored as avro
location 'hdfs location where avro data present’
tblproperties(‘avro.schema.url’ = ‘hdfs schema location’);

All the best for the exam :+1:

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@gnanaprakasam: Thank You for answer…