What if i get disconnected during certification

Hello Guys,
those who have appeared for certification and have asked this query to the proctor can you please help. so that i can prepare accordingly.
i have a wi-fi connection as well as a datacard. but my wifi connection(50mbps) is more faster than datacard(approx 1.5 mbps).
the problem is i donot have a powerbackup.
so if i use wifi and my power fails , can i log back in using the datacard? or if disconnected you wont be allowed to attempt back?
if i use datacard will 2gb of data be sufficient ?

thanks in advance.

Hi Avinash,

I believe it should not be a problem to reconnect via a different internet source in case you get disconnected. The exam should not end unless and until you request for the exam to end. Even if the time ends, it is us who should request the exam to end so I guess you can still login with your exam credentials and login and proceed with the exam. In my case, the proctor was unable to see me and asked me (pinged) to go out of the exam page and refresh the page so the webcam gets activated again. I am not sure about the data card though.

In case you do not get an accurate response on this topic, please call Cloudera and get things confirmed.


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Thanks Santy .
that helps :slight_smile: