What is the command to look at DataNode and NameNode information on bigdata labs

I tried connecting using command --> ssh root@gw01.itversity.com “ps -ef|grep node”, it’s asking for password. I provided my lab password but permission is denied. Kindly help, Thanks!

@chaitanya.polipalli lab users can’t access the root. Cluster admins only having those privileges. And you can get the information about Data Nodes and Name Nodes from Ambari. Here you can use your labs credentials to login and find them under HDFS.

@BaLu_SaI Thanks for your response, I found it on Ambari, I was just wondering if there is any command (hdfs command) to view DataNode and NameNode details using the command line.

hdfs dfsadmin -report is the command. But it require admin privileges.

Thank you! Just want to know the command.