What needs to be learned from Hadoop ( i am ETL/Data warehouse developer)


can anyone let me know what Topics is useful in Hadoop for ETL/Data warehouse developers. How can we use Hadoop to build Enterprise Data warehouse. Thanks.

Basic Hadoop concepts, and then look up for Youtube playlists on Scoop, Pig, Hive, Scala from ITVERASITY. Then you are all set :slight_smile:

Thank you. can you let me know best video link for Hadoop concepts

@balaji1 You can follow below playlist

You will learn HDFS,SQOOP,Hive, Spark and Python. Once you have finished it you can start digging deeper into topics which interest you.

Hi Varun, This video looks like Spark and Scala. where can i get Hadoop fundamental concepts to understand.

i am looking for Best Online Live Training on Hadoop from any person or Institute who can Teach Hadoop specially for ETL/Data warehousing professionals.
can any one let me know best Trainer please. Thank you.

You can check out ITVERSITY Playlist.

i am looking for Online Training on Hadoop/Big data. i want to transition from ETL/Data warehouse to Hadoop. can you please suggest excellent online trainer information