Where do I start working on after buying the plan

Sorry for being so basic…
I bought a plan to use labs. I am now looking for the courses to follow in the lab of the 3 node cluster. I am not aiming for any certifications yet. Just want to try hands on following some notes for the developer track. Where do I start my learning here at itversity?

Thanks for the reply in advance.


My recommendation would be, you can follow this order

  1. Start with Hadoop architecture - high level understanding
  2. Understand HDFS and practice the commands
  3. Understand MapReduce (no need to practice, just understand how it works)
  4. Understand Hive & Impala & Practice the commands
  5. Login to MySQL and apply some basic commands
  6. Understand Sqoop & practice the commands.

Once you are familiar with all the above, Focus on Spark

There are so many videos available in ITVersity youtube channel for your reference