Where to get Sample Datasets/csv files to practice

I am new user, after creating account i found that i have create tables and load data row by row manually. it would be very time consuming / hectic. so sir, r u providing any free sample datasets??
or how can i upload movielens data sets in my user space.
i didnot see any csv files in my user space after running ls command.

If you are using mysql then Try to get sample dataset from MySQL website, here is the link:


Follow the steps mentioned in the link.

Good Luck.

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We have only one data set and here is how you can create tables out of that data.

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@itversity, i guess we should start uploading public datasets into a public folder. This should be one of the action items.


Yes, have you copied the data set downloaded to your account? I will move it to /public which is already created.

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@itversity yes I have uploaded the data to my HDFS folder under /user/pramodvspk/clickData. I guess we will have to change the replication factor to 2.

Hi @aniket2092,

There are many datasets available in online, you can feel free to utilize them. US official government provides many datasets that belongs to various departments. in Data.gov. If you want to prepare yourself some data with schema and in different formats, please prefer Mockaroo this is a random data generation tool. Very helpful for starters. :smiley: