While logging to itversity terminal is showing bash-4.2$ instead of itv001709

I have been noticing that the command prompt is showing
after the login, However there is no issue in running the hdfs and sqoop commands.
I am wondering how did this change from my username
[bylakshmikanth@gw03 ~]$

and with -bash-4.2$ i still see the present working directory as /home/itv001709
When i change the directories, the change is not displayed on the prompt and still shows -bash-4.2$,
however the pwd command showing the right directory path.

what i want here is to see the prompt as [itv001709@gw03 ~]$ as it was before.
How can i get this back. Thank you !

@bhupender_singh_bish Issue is resolved now. I can see that you ran some rm commands from history. And .bashrc files got deleted. Please make sure you are not deleting the .bashrc files accidentally to avoid this issue in the future.