This is to discuss about issues related to bigdata lab by itversity.

Success Stories

Use this category to post about success story on completed certifications.

Big Data

This is the main category for all discussion of Big Data eco system complementing itversity platforms such as YouTube channel and website


This category is primarily for any queries related to Linux.


This is to discuss general information about certifications is the main website to share the content in the form of courses and blogs.

Common Issues

This Category is to resolve general issues for users with Itversity labs. Users can refer this category for their quick solutions.

Live Workshops

This is the parent category for all the live workshops

Programming Languages

This category is primarily parent category for issues related to programming languages


This category is primarily for IT jobs.

Quizzes and Exercises

This is main category for all questions and quizzes. Questions will be tagged with appropriate technologies.

Product Ideas

If you are group of passionate IT professionals and want to implement ideas we have or come up with your own ideas, let us put on this forum under this category. We will prioritize and start implementing those.

Public Cloud

This category is to cover all the general issues in public cloud environments

Forum Feedback

Discussion about this forum, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.


This is to discuss issues and give exercises as part of the training.

Big Data Engineer for Students

This category is to come up with a plan and prepare with all the skills that are required to become big data engineer.

Program or Product Reviews

This category is to create topics on reviewing education programs or IT Product reviews. Reviews will be posted on my blog and discussions will be done using this platform.