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  • Learn SQL Commands: Grasp and utilize SQL commands within Postgres to interact with and manipulate your databases effectively.
  • Understand Real-World Use Cases: Discover how Postgres is applied in various industries and projects, providing you with a broader perspective on its utility and capabilities.
  • Dive into SQL Categories: Explore different SQL types like DDL (Data Definition Language), DML (Data Manipulation Language), and DQL (Data Query Language), understanding their unique roles and applications.
  • Master Transformations: Get acquainted with essential transformations like projection, selection, filtering, and more, which are pivotal in data manipulation and analysis.
  • Explore Advanced Features: Learn about advanced Postgres features such as partitioning, ranking, rollups, which enhance your database’s efficiency and functionality.
  • Performance Tuning & Troubleshooting: Gain insights on how to fine-tune your Postgres setup for optimal performance and troubleshoot common issues effectively.
  • Discover PL/SQL: Delve into the world of Procedural Language/SQL in Postgres, enhancing your ability to write complex database logic.

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